Car purchase with 0 financing

Motor vehicle manufacturers and car dealers are also endeavoring to increase the turnover of their products through particularly advantageous financing or leasing conditions (eg 0% financing). has details

Customers want to pay for the car. The manufacturer bank (automobile bank) offers particularly advantageous financing conditions for the respective product. For this purpose, the savings bank requires an additional payment from the seller. It has to participate in the financing of advantageous interest rates.

The BMF assumes that in this case, the automobile bank will offer the car dealership a service which consists of sales promotion through the low interest-bearing lending business.

If there is a settlement of this service from the house bank

If there is a settlement of this service from the house bank

The seller can in return demand VAT from his deposit to the house bank. In contrast to the direct effect of granting a rebate to the consumer, the additional payment to the house bank does not reduce VAT on vehicle delivery.

In contrast, the financing situation for an independent and manufacturer-independent house bank is quite different. There is no service in this case with respect to the dealer. The payment to the house bank is more of an additional burden on the lending business. Again, it should be stressed that the retailer can not reduce its sales to the consumer.

Similarly, withholding tax deduction is not possible in this case. If, for example, you are covered by such financing or leasing models as a dealership, do not hesitate to contact us.

Buying a car without a hitch – expert tips for buying a new or used car

Buying a car without a hitch - expert tips for buying a new or used car

Buying a car is not that easy. The advantages and disadvantages of the various forms of payment and financing, such as Lease business, installment purchase (car financing loan/bank loan) or cash payment also unsettle many car buyers.

In addition, there are many questions about the future acquisition costs such as vehicle tax, motor vehicle liability and comprehensive insurance, fuel consumption, maintenance, and eventual repair/replacement parts costs, etc.

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