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A loan is a certain amount of money or property issued by banks. There are some interest rates and maturity options determined for loans. These rates and terms vary according to the working system of the banks. Due dates are left to customers and can be taken within a desired date range. However, in some cases, no credit is issued and the person cannot get any credit at all. There are some standards that banks set.

It looks at whether the person has an active debt, legal follow-up and payments. In these rules, credit is given to people who have no debt and are good with banks. Our company was established in order to give credit to our customers who have never borrowed from banks. Moreover, loans are provided through secure means and legally.

How Do We Make Loans?

How Do We Make Loans?

We apply a special policy when making loans. This working policy is a feature never seen before. While checking the credit, we do not look at KKB score in any way and we provide the loan easily. Moreover, we do not want documents such as payroll or income document requested by banks. Banks provide loans to people with a fixed income and insurance. On the contrary, we help our customers who have credit card debt, attorney, credit debt and record points at the bottom levels, to find money with a small transaction.

Our organization was established in 2014 and when it first started, it started to serve as a credit consultancy. In the early days, we were giving our customers detailed information about how to increase their kbb score and how they can get credit. But when we saw many customers who were victims, we got into the credit business. Our biggest plus is that we do not use documents like promissory notes or contracts when giving loans.

Our customers set dates, and payment is received from certain banks on those dates.

Credit Process?

Credit Process?

Our website is active. After logging in first, the desired loan amount and maturity are selected. After this is selected, a page with some questions is displayed on the screen. The questions asked on this page must be filled correctly. Then it is pressed into the confirmation field and the mobile phone is written. Answers are generally delivered within 2 business days. There is absolutely no extra fee for these transactions. It is done free of charge and the process begins after the answers are reported. Transactions are made online.

Our company officials call our customer and transfer detailed information. Then, after the approval is received, the loan documents are delivered to the buyers by cargo. All shipping charges belong to our company.

After the documents are received, signing is done. However, while signing, our company should be called and what should be done should be learned. After signing, the documents are returned to the cargoes and the loan amount is transferred to the account within 1 business day. It takes about 1 week to complete all these procedures.

Contact and detailed information can be obtained from the numbers on our company. Payments must be paid regularly within the specified date ranges.

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